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LWC Holidays Concierge Service

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We offer all our clients a complimentary and exclusive luxury concierge service.

With our expert knowledge of luxury holidays we're able to tailor your bespoke needs to ensure every holiday you book through us is exactly how you envisaged, right down to the tiniest of details.

As anyone who has tried to organise a special holiday before will testify, it can take a vast amount of time and is often a stressful process.

When you have to research, organise and speak to countless people yourself, the excitement of booking a dream holiday can often end up a frustrating experience.

The trouble is, even when you think you've covered everything, there's always going to be some doubt...

Can you be certain that your precise requirements have been correctly understood and will be carried out to the letter?

Here's where our Concierge Service can help you.

When you first call our team you'll be assigned your own personal Concierge that will handle all your requirements from start to finish.

This one-to-one personal service enables our Concierge to really get to know you and meet your unique requirements.

Your personal Concierge will liaise with you frequently to ensure everything has been organised precisely to your liking.

Our Concierge Team Guarantees a Personal, Tailored Experience to Match Your Unique Requirements

We Can Help You With:

Flight check-ins
Issuing boarding passes
Reserving bookings at Michelin Star restaurants
Private car hire
Spa treatments
Special anniversaries
Birthday requests
Private tours and excursions
Airport parking
Private group experiences e.g. safaris, swimming with dolphins, hot-air ballooning etc
Private city tours
Tickets for selected events such as concerts and shows
Sea plane tours
Private helicopter tours

...Or any bespoke requirement you need

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Paul Marchant Paul Marchant
Concierge Team

Paul heads up our luxury Concierge Team.

Whatever your request, however large or small Paul and his team will do their level best to make it happen!

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