Teardrops of the Ocean

Often referred to as the ‘teardrops of the Indian Ocean’, the Maldives have to be seen to be believed. Of the 1,190 coral islands that...

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An Eclectic Mix of Cultures and Beauty

With an eclectic mix of cultures, soaring mountain peaks, dense forests, tropical climate, powder-white beaches, lush...

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A Jewel in the Ocean

Scattered like exquisite jewels across the Indian Ocean, the 115 islands that make up the archipelago extends just south of the equator...

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Sri Lanka

Breathtaking Natural Beauty and Ancient History

Known as the ‘Teardrop Island’ Sri Lanka is known for its golden sandy beaches which line its beautiful...

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Our collection of specially selected hand-picked island resorts offers everything you could possibly imagine from rustic island retreats with fine luxury accommodation, gourmet dining, sensuous world-class spas and impeccable first-class service.

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