Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel

Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel a Relais & Chateaux member, is a quintessential Caribbean hotel comprising of 30 suites with classically  designed...

Spice Island Beach Resort

Add a touch of Spice to your life with a stay at the world famous Spice Island Beach resort owned by Sir Royston Hopkin & his family. Elegance & luxury abound...


An exotic and unspoilt island full of spice

The tiny island of Grenada plays host to blue skies, brilliant sunshine, glorious beaches, amazing rainforests and a unique mountainous interior.  Grenada is a lot less touristy than many of its Caribbean neighbours, with tranquillity and romance being the order of the day. 

Very friendly locals make a holiday in Grenada a true pleasure as does the vibrant spice industry adding a certain heat to this beautiful part of the world.  In fact our resort Spice Island Beach Resort has used this spice reference as a way to name its luxurious suites.  Land and water sports are available in our island resorts with luxurious Caribbean inspirted spa treatments for those who wish to indulge their senses.

The intoxicating scents of spice and tropical blooms are evident on the beautiful Pink Gin Beach, home to Sandals LaSource our fabulous all inclusive resort which features some of the best fine dining on the island.

Climate Guide

Lovely warm climate with low humidity but a distinct dry and rainy season split.

Temperature & Rainfall Guide

These figures show monthly average maximum temperatures and monthly average rainfall.

MonthTempRainfall (mm)
January27 54 
February27 35 
March29 44 
April29 30 
May30 46 
June31 133 
July31 141 
August31 143 
September30 123 
October29 140 
November28 170 
December27 129 

Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel

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