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Luxury Tuscan Resort

A Place of Discovery and Revelation. 

Our Refurbished hotel with Spa. Set in the Tuscan Countryside.

A nineteenth-century villa, restored to its original splendour with meticulous care and attention to every detail. Today it welcomes guests with inlaid wood floors, refurbished rooms, parquet flooring, new lighting, new colours that enhance the rooms and the mood, and all the comforts of a beautiful hotel. It is elegantly furnished, decorated with frescoes, surrounded by an age-old park, and has a unique thermal spa. 

Inside unexpected treasures await: a unique and wonderful grotto, a thermal spring, a deep, warm underground lake and spectacular chambers, where the temperature is set as if it were a living and breathing organism. 

The villa above the grotto is now a place where you can experience a kind of new harmony, with the Equilibrium method. Water, stone, heat, art and history all make it a place that heals and comforts. Discover the splendid new Grotta Giusti where you can reconnect with nature, like a new discovery and a new revelation.

Our Comfort Rooms are located in the modern wing of the resort, and feature classical furniture and a bathroom embellished with elegant Carrara marble. The rooms have a comfortable queen-size bed, and are located on the first floor of the resort with a view of the courtyard or the hillside.Equipped with satellite TV, Internet access, air conditioning, a minibar and safe. Size is 15-18 m².

Our Superior Rooms are elegant and refined, featuring spacious living areas, high ceilings, large windows, and lovely view of the hills. The Superior Room has a king-size bed with a spacious bathroom fitted with Carrara marble and a bathtub draws water from the hot springs.Equipped with satellite TV, Internet access, air conditioning, minibar and safe. Size 20-22 m².

From the Elegance Room, guests can enjoy a wonderful view of the beautiful age-old park of Grotta Giusti. The Elegance Room is located on the second floor of the resort’s modern wing, and is decorated with sophisticated handcrafted pastel interiors and antique furniture. The Elegance Room has a queen-size bed with a spacious bathroom complete with a bathtub.Equipped with satellite TV, Internet access, air conditioning, and minibar. Size 18 m².

The Deluxe Room is designed with intricate details, and features high ceilings and large windows that directly overlook the beautiful old garden of the resort. The Deluxe Room has exquisite furniture, handcrafted décor, and a comfortable queen sized bed, along with a bathroom with elegant Carrara marble, and a bathtub that draws water from the hot springs.Equipped with satellite TV, Internet access, air conditioning, and minibar. Size 22 m².

The Junior Suite Mountain View is located in the modern wing of the resort, and offers exceptional views of the Monsummano Mountain. It is decorated with classic furniture and exquisite handcrafted pastel interiors, and features a bathroom with fine Carrara marble, a separate bathtub and shower, a comfortable queen-size bed, and an elegant sitting room for relaxing evenings.Equipped with satellite TV, Internet access, air conditioning, minibar and safe. Size 40 m².

The beautiful Junior Suite Park View overlooks the stunning age-old park of Grotta Giusti, and is located in the modern wing of the resort. The room has a balcony, elegant furniture and prestigious handcrafted pastel décor, a private sitting area, a Carrara marble bathroom with separate bathtub and shower, a luxurious queen-size bed and a spacious walk-in closet. Equipped with satellite TV, Internet access, air conditioning, minibar and safe. Size 44 m².

FAMILY ROOM  The ideal solution for a laid-back holiday with all the family. Two connecting rooms allow you to spend as much time together as you like and enjoy your stay at Grotta Giusti to the full. All Family Rooms have been fully refurbished in effortlessly elegant style, with relaxing, sunlit colours and parquet floors. A choice of rooms is available: Superior, in the historic villa with views of the hills; Elegance, in the resort’s modern wing with views over the gardens; and Deluxe, in the historic villa with views over the gardens. All rooms have a Carrara marble bathroom, state-of-the-art HD satellite TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and minibar.

Discover the thermal cave of Grotta Giusti spa resort in Tuscany.

Divided into three distinct areas called Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, the cave offers visitors a chance to experience a unique environment with temperatures ranging from 28° to 34° C, and natural steam with healing and therapeutic properties. The interiors of the cave are decorated with stalactite and stalagmite formations, and feature several underground labyrinths with spacious caverns where you can relax in total peace and quiet. The large vaults in the rock are natural formations that serve as the perfect place to sit and enjoy the detoxifying steam that surrounds you. The bottom of the cave is known as ‘The Limbo’ - here the temperature always remains at a pleasant 36ºC, regardless of the weather outside, and offers wellness seekers a sparkling pool of water to soak in during winter and summer.  Changes in air temperature are quite minimal throughout the seasons, and generally range fro from 31° C to 34º C, with a humidity level close to 100%. The atmospheric pressure throughout the cave remains constant, and matches the levels outside. The natural formation allows for efficient circulation of air which helps the cave remain breathable at all times, so you can enjoy your moments of relaxation is absolute comfort.  Enjoy the warm therapeutic steam, explore the charm and luxury of the resort, and discover the secret of what Maestro Giuseppe Verdi called the eighth wonder of the world.

Experience the gardens and hot springs at the Grotta Giusti spa resort in Tuscany

In the early twentieth century, the renowned landscape architect Peter Porcinai designed the large 45-hectare park that surrounds Grotta Giusti, and created an everlasting natural environment that only gets more beautiful with time.   As you take a stroll through the gardens, you can’t help but stare in awe at the stunning beauty that surrounds you, with trees that date back centuries, hills rich with lush greenery, and fragrant flowers around every corner. Discover the timeless beauty of our gardens, which is home to the freshwater swimming pool, a tennis court, a fitness course with walking trails, and also serves as the starting point for our hiking excursions.

Fitness Centre

At our Fitness Centre in the Grotta Giusti spa resort in Tuscany, we offer a range of traditional fitness equipment, as well as special 50 minute sessions with our personal trainer, personal 40 minute classes with a fitness instructor, and 50 minute lessons in Qi-Gong, which is a practice that combines controlled breathing techniques with movement.



The Longevity Diet is an original, pioneering personalised nutrition plan. To begin with we assess the guest’s dietary habits, carry out a body type analysis and run a genetic test to identify any genetic factors influencing the metabolism. A dietary programme can then be designed to correct any negative variations and strengthen positive ones. Lymph-draining and toning treatments as well as targeted physical exercise complete the programme. Thermal waters and our thermal grotto help enhance the diet’s anti-inflammatory and detox effects and improve the end results.


Enjoy exceptional services at our hot springs and spa resort in Tuscany.

We are dedicated to making your stay at Grotta Giusti as memorable as possible. Our hospitality is truly world renowned, as everything we do is inspired by our passion and love for creating everlasting moments. Your experience at our spa resort in Tuscany is sure to be unique, with the beautiful harmony of nature around you, delicious gourmet recipes, an unforgettable location, wellness and relaxation options, and a range of sporting activities.

Bar Il Poeta

Enjoy a refreshing selection of healthy drinks prepared along with a wide selection of teas and infusions at Bar II Poeta. This charming quaint establishment is well known for its traditional and personalised cocktails created by our expert bartenders, along with special wine and chocolate tastings during the evenings and exciting cocktail making classes.

The Giusti Room

As the Giusti family’s tea room where they used to entertain 19th century nobility, the Giusti Room has a classic charm to it that makes it stand out from the rest of the resort. Here, you can sit back and enjoy succulent light meals, accentuated with beautiful live piano melodies in the background, surrounded by frescoes and original antique decorations.

Bioaquam Café

Our poolside lounge area invites you to chill in a modern and comfortable environment. The Bioaquam Café is the perfect place to relax between baths and enjoy a quick lunch, snack, meal or a range of teas and infusions. You can also indulge in Francesco Iglio’s cocktails in specially organised cocktail parties at the spacious solarium, or simply enjoy refreshing dip under the stars in the pool.

La Pergola

At the La Pergola restaurant, we offer outstanding culinary options that can be enjoyed outdoors on our breezy terrace, as you look over the stunning views of the park and the summer pool. Relax, unwind, indulge in fantastic food and have an unforgettable time.

La Veranda Restaurant

Discover the reasons that make Tuscan cuisine so incredibly popular at the La Veranda Restaurant. Enjoy a range of tasty gourmet and light recipes in the surrounds of the beautiful centuries old garden. During the summer, you can choose to have lunch on the La Pergola Terrace or even the poolside.


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