Laid back luxury and spiritual adventure 

As probably the most famous island in Indonesia, Bali blends spectacular mountain scenery and beautiful beaches...

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Hong Kong

 An energetic metropolis where East meets West 

As a destination, Hong Kong offers travellers a unique and totally unforgettable holiday.  

East meets...

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A mythical beauty

A rich culture and a mythical country where modern culture meets traditional and where the people are always welcoming. This melting pot of...

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 A majestic island country - stopover or stay!

A small island country, Singapore combines the skyscrapers of a modern, affluent city with traditional Chinese...

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The Land of Smiles 

Known for its sun-drenched beaches, friendly people and Bangkok’s floating markets, Thailand promises luxury mixed with Thai charm and...

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With its kaleidoscope of fascinating cultures, ancient traditions, natural beauty, exceptional cuisine and friendly people, the Far East is an enchanting and exotic continent that conjures images of rice-paddled hillsides, awe-inspiring temples situated in stunning mountainous locations, bustling cities where skyscrapers shadow exotic vibrant marketplaces and secluded little sandy beaches where turquoise waters ripple at its shores.

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